I'm a filmmaker, entrepreneur, and husband... 
and a lot more but lets be real, those are the main things you want to know.
Keep reading if you care about the little details.
My content creation journey started at a young age... as a baby, actually. I was blessed to grow up in a home where creativity thrived! Since I could talk I've been telling stories, drawing pictures, and putting on little performances for family and friends. 
The power of film first entered my world when I was about 9 yrs old. At that time my parents had an old-school iPod with camera capabilities, and my little sister and I had a blast using it to make funny home videos--many of which we still watch to this day! By time I turned 11 I had an iPod Touch (I know, I was spoiled) and I remember one camping trip where I recruited the whole family to star in my own episode of "Star Trek" as inspired by "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Eventually the scope of my projects exceeded the capabilities of iMovie and my supportive mother bought me a subscription to Adobe Premiere Pro.
By this time I was in high-school and extremely busy playing the cello in my local symphony, leading the tenor section of the varsity choir, and traveling from New York to Beijing as a ballroom-dancer. Film took the back-seat for a little while... but my passion for content never dampened. 
Following my first year of college I moved to Sofia, Bulgaria to serve two years as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. While there, my passion for filmmaking resurfaced as I was inspired to use media as a means to share the good news of Christ. In an extreme departure from the traditional missionary work of the time, I started social media channels for my mission and started making little videos on my phone. By the end of my mission, following numerous events can only be described as "miraculous," I found myself filming music videos all over the country using professional equipment and software. At the same time I managed teams overseeing social media campaigns that reached millions of people in at least 30 different countries on three continents. It was in the midst of this experience that I knew I was destined to be a filmmaker.
Today I am continuing my dream of impacting the world and changing hearts for the better through inspirational media. Being a full-time student at BYU, Provo, my time and resources are limited, but I can't help myself... I have to create. That is why I started Gardner Media. With pro-grade equipment and no small measure of talent, I am on a mission to create a better life for my family and my society by bringing YOUR art to life. Any project--be it commercial or personal--has the potential to make a difference in someone's life. I understand that! That's why I'm committed to excellence. I mean... I really can't help myself, I won't settle for less.
And there you have it: that's me! Congrats, you made it to the end. Or maybe it's the beginning... let's find out together. Message me to learn more!
Other Talents


I've played the cello since I was 12 year old. In 2016 I went to all-state as a cellist, and although I don't play as much anymore, music continues to be a source of joy in my life.

Video is from a virtual concert I produced while serving as a missionary in Sofia, Bulgaria. This was one of several times I was simultaneously directing and participating in a video--no easy feat!

Sketch Artist

I've always loved drawing. There's just something incredibly satisfying about turning a blank page into something beautiful.

Ballroom Dancer

Ballroom dance was a huge part of my life. I started when I was 11, and throughout my experience I performed and competed on national and international stages, including in Beijing and Shanghai China. 

In 2018 I placed 3rd at the USDA national cabaret championships.

I met my wife dancing at BYU in 2021.

Fitness is a huge part of my life. In addition to completing regular strength conditioning programs, I've developed a love for running and in October 2022 I ran my first half-marathon in under 1:45.
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